Happy Father’s Day!


I just wanted to stop by quickly to say…

Happy Father’s Day to all the Wonderful Dad’s out there! 

Unfortunately I couldn’t be with mine today, but I did spend the day with my little family, tromping around Sydney! And the sun came out; one of only days in the last month!

Did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Jess  xoxox

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You know you have three girls under 4 when…

Vintage Postcard ~ Ballet DancerHello and happy Friday!

Time for a fun post!

You know you have three girls under four when you…

1. You permanently have “Let it Go” and “Everything is Awesome” stuck in your head and you know all the words.

2. You can name all the Disney Princesses and know what colour dresses they wear.

3. Your makeup has been raided several times over and all shades of eye shadow have become the same colour.

4. What is eye shadow? Not something you ever have time for.

5. You find glitter on everything, including your bed, hair, clothing, make-up and the baby. And sparkles are everywhere too.

6. You no longer worry about separating reds and whites in the washing machine as light pink is everywhere anyway.

7. Washing is something you could do non stop and never be finished with.

8. All your old heels have been destroyed by toddlers playing dress ups! You never expected to wear those again right?

9. You are actually jealous of your kids wardrobe and shoes, they dress much better than you do.

10. Cleaning puke, poop and food scraps is just a normal part of everyday.

11. Someone is always dissatisfied with your cooking, even if it is the same person who declared the day before that it was the best thing they had ever tasted.

12. Your lip gloss/ lip stick has been partially eaten and used to decorate bedrooms.

13. Someone is always sick.

14. Your husband asks for noise cancelling head phones for Fathers day and wears them continuously.

15. You both love and hate the park.

16. Your house stays clean for five minutes after you are finished (if you are lucky) and you find yourself tempted to photograph it and post the picture to your parents and in laws.

17. Getting out the door feels like training for an Olympic event.

18. Getting out the door and being on time is a new life goal.

19. Your bag is always way too heavy and filled with random toys and partially eaten snacks, but you can never find what you need.

20. You naturally wake up at 2 am every night, even if your kids don’t out of habit.

21. Your car is a mess and you spend your drives listening to fighting or fairy tales on CD if you’re lucky.

22. You know your way around the Zoo and the Aquarium with your eyes closed and are looking at purchasing shares in a play centre.

23. You are always cast as the Mean Witch, the Old Stepmother or the Ugly Troll in your kids games.

24. The word Princess makes you cringe.

25. You are continuously buying hair elastics, clips and ties but can never find any.

26. Life is crazy, you never have a lonely minute and wouldn’t have it any other way! (Although you do fantasize.)

What do you love about life right now?

Jess xoxox

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Weekday Wonderings


How are you all doing this week?

I was struggling to find a concrete post but really felt like blogging so I apologise for this being a bit all over the shop and incohesive.

Summer hit 3 months on Friday and honestly it feels like she has been here forever. Hard to imagine time before her. She is the happiest person I have ever met, very very quiet and easy going. She is a short and chubby little thing, with the chubbiest baby cheeks ever. She is also very determined to start moving and keep up with her sisters. She can roll front to back and back to side. Once I found her on her tummy after putting her on her back, but I think it was a fluke. She has also started to be able to grasp and hold toys and she is so so so happy about this. She adores her sisters and lets them pinch, poke and pull at her, always with a huge smile on her face. She also loves being kissed it makes her giggle, which is perfect for me since she is so kissable.


Halen and Layla got into community Preschool next year and although it will be really tight financially to send them we are going to do it. I know it will be so good for them and essential to get them ready for school the following year. I cannot believe it is such a short time until they start Preschool and School School. Crazy. Where has time gone? My little tiny baby twins are going to be in school. I knew the day would come, but still I feel like there is so much more I wanted to do with them while they were home. And on the flip side I also feel like we have done heaps and heaps together and they are definitely ready to break out! I know they are desperate to play with other kids more regularly and will get a lot out of it.

I do feel little teary thinking about school for them though, which makes me feel like a complete nutter, because it is still a ways off and also it is a good for them. It will be a huge change! I will miss them!


My twins have been loving arts and crafts. They also love reading and writing and are desperate to be able to do both. They both taught themselves how to write the first letter of their own names. A few months ago they shouted “Look Mum we can write our names” and wow they actually could write the first letter! I am finding it hard getting from the letter recognition stage to the reading stage with them and not because they are not capable but because honestly I don’t know what I am doing! We have been doing phonics, but I am not a natural born phonics teacher. And also I don’t want to put any pressure on them, I want it to be fun and enjoyable and come in its own time. So I have some learning to do on how to get them to the next level.

Fitness has been absent for nearly 2 weeks up until this weekend when I finally got back into it, I got sick and then the girls got sick and then I just got lazy. My motivation has been way down, which is not really usual for me. I have lots running through my mind and I am sure that is part of the problem. It has also been cold and wet and I find it easiest to fit in exercise at night, so it is easy to excuse yourself on a cold, rainy night! My stomach muscles, particularly lower stomach muscles are in need of some help from a functional perspective. The c section really makes engaging those muscles challenging. I can feel myself wanting to crunch into my lower back when I pick things up so I need to work on this!


I am thinking about studying next year, very part time. I love learning new things and I am starting up a little business so it wouldn’t hurt to be more knowledgable. I am wondering when and how I could fit it in. However, with the big girls in Preschool two days hopefully I will have some moments for study.

I am missing friendships with some of my friends who don’t have kids yet. I thought we would eventually reconnect in the same way but I realise that some of them have moved on and our friendships have changed. I am grateful for the new friends I have made through becoming a mum. I really like meeting new people so it is nice to get those opportunities through your kids.

I am curious as to what the rest of the year will bring and hoping it will be fun! I am hoping to see my Dad soon as it has been awhile and I miss him. He also happens to live in a lovely little coastal town that is very relaxing to visit.

I dyed my hair pink last week! Well the tips. I wanted a change and my hairdresser suggested it as a fairly temporary change as the pink washes out pretty quickly. My husband hates it but I kind of like it. I get bored and life is short so why not?

SO that is me at the moment sort of anyway. How are you all going? What is on your mind?

Jess xoxox

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