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How are you all doing this week?

I was struggling to find a concrete post but really felt like blogging so I apologise for this being a bit all over the shop and incohesive.

Summer hit 3 months on Friday and honestly it feels like she has been here forever. Hard to imagine time before her. She is the happiest person I have ever met, very very quiet and easy going. She is a short and chubby little thing, with the chubbiest baby cheeks ever. She is also very determined to start moving and keep up with her sisters. She can roll front to back and back to side. Once I found her on her tummy after putting her on her back, but I think it was a fluke. She has also started to be able to grasp and hold toys and she is so so so happy about this. She adores her sisters and lets them pinch, poke and pull at her, always with a huge smile on her face. She also loves being kissed it makes her giggle, which is perfect for me since she is so kissable.


Halen and Layla got into community Preschool next year and although it will be really tight financially to send them we are going to do it. I know it will be so good for them and essential to get them ready for school the following year. I cannot believe it is such a short time until they start Preschool and School School. Crazy. Where has time gone? My little tiny baby twins are going to be in school. I knew the day would come, but still I feel like there is so much more I wanted to do with them while they were home. And on the flip side I also feel like we have done heaps and heaps together and they are definitely ready to break out! I know they are desperate to play with other kids more regularly and will get a lot out of it.

I do feel little teary thinking about school for them though, which makes me feel like a complete nutter, because it is still a ways off and also it is a good for them. It will be a huge change! I will miss them!


My twins have been loving arts and crafts. They also love reading and writing and are desperate to be able to do both. They both taught themselves how to write the first letter of their own names. A few months ago they shouted “Look Mum we can write our names” and wow they actually could write the first letter! I am finding it hard getting from the letter recognition stage to the reading stage with them and not because they are not capable but because honestly I don’t know what I am doing! We have been doing phonics, but I am not a natural born phonics teacher. And also I don’t want to put any pressure on them, I want it to be fun and enjoyable and come in its own time. So I have some learning to do on how to get them to the next level.

Fitness has been absent for nearly 2 weeks up until this weekend when I finally got back into it, I got sick and then the girls got sick and then I just got lazy. My motivation has been way down, which is not really usual for me. I have lots running through my mind and I am sure that is part of the problem. It has also been cold and wet and I find it easiest to fit in exercise at night, so it is easy to excuse yourself on a cold, rainy night! My stomach muscles, particularly lower stomach muscles are in need of some help from a functional perspective. The c section really makes engaging those muscles challenging. I can feel myself wanting to crunch into my lower back when I pick things up so I need to work on this!


I am thinking about studying next year, very part time. I love learning new things and I am starting up a little business so it wouldn’t hurt to be more knowledgable. I am wondering when and how I could fit it in. However, with the big girls in Preschool two days hopefully I will have some moments for study.

I am missing friendships with some of my friends who don’t have kids yet. I thought we would eventually reconnect in the same way but I realise that some of them have moved on and our friendships have changed. I am grateful for the new friends I have made through becoming a mum. I really like meeting new people so it is nice to get those opportunities through your kids.

I am curious as to what the rest of the year will bring and hoping it will be fun! I am hoping to see my Dad soon as it has been awhile and I miss him. He also happens to live in a lovely little coastal town that is very relaxing to visit.

I dyed my hair pink last week! Well the tips. I wanted a change and my hairdresser suggested it as a fairly temporary change as the pink washes out pretty quickly. My husband hates it but I kind of like it. I get bored and life is short so why not?

SO that is me at the moment sort of anyway. How are you all going? What is on your mind?

Jess xoxox

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Pregnancy and Birth Stories Twin Edition Part II


I left you all hanging at the moment I found out I was having twins!

From there I was referred again to a different Doctor, a Perinatologist or High Risk Birth Specialist. I loved my Doctor! She was absolutely brilliant, thorough, sensitive but matter of fact and just lovely. I actually really missed her after I had my children, which sounds totally weird. But I was in the States with no family around and was fairly isolated. By the middle off the second trimester I had to stop working and exercising.  And by the third trimester I was on bed rest to prevent premature labour. When I was on bed rest she was one of the few people I regularly saw.

I had one early labour scare at 30 weeks, but we managed to keep labour at bay for 6 more weeks. I had lots of braxton hicks (false labour) contractions from 20 weeks onwards. By the end of the pregnancy I was having non stress tests three times a week and weekly doctors appointments.  I actually looked forward to those because I got out of the house! (And as I said I truly loved my Doctor.)

Then on the 1st of November at 36 weeks to the day I went for my antenatal checkup and my waters broke on my Doctor during my internal examination.  Pretty gross for my Doctor, but very convenient for me. I will never forget her reaction and she told me that had never ever happened to her before! As we were already in hospital we walked across the hall to labour and delivery.

My Doctor decided because I was having twins and one of the babies was breech we were going to have a c section.  I ended up waiting 8 hours in labour for it to happen, it was uncomfortable, but nothing too crazy from some of the stories I have heard. The most challenging part was that there were quite a few family members in the room with me laughing and telling stories. I was really wanting peace and quiet and calm. In hindsight I should have just asked everyone to leave, because it was making the early labour more uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to offend people and I just sucked it up.

Finally it was time for me to go into the theatre. It was crazy white, clinical and cold. I had never been conscious in an operating theatre before. To say I was nervous was a huge understatement. I was shaking with nerves and the cold theatre didn’t help. I had to have a spinal and then they would call my husband in and start the surgery.

The trouble was I have an extremely bad back and had it fused when I was 15. My Orthopaedic surgeon at the time told me I would never be able to have a spinal. The Doctors at the Hospital were optimistic that they could get it in. I am usually really good at being calm during medical procedures or well anything. It has always been one of my strengths. But I was so worried about the spinal and that of course made it harder for me to stop shaking, which made it even harder for them to get the needle in. Eek.

In the Theatre there were three Anaesthetists and they each had a few attempts at putting in the spinal, but they were really struggling. I could tell they were getting frustrated with me as I was literally shaking. My blood pressure rose quite a lot and Baby A (Halen) who was actually the healthier twin throughout the pregnancy started getting distressed. Her heart rate dropped to around 50 bpm (a baby’s heart rate is supposed to be 110- 160ish). I knew something was up but didn’t fully appreciate how worried the Medical Professionals were until after the fact, which was very cleverly done on their behalf. Truly they were all extraordinarily calm.

The needle was still not in my back. Finally one of the Anaesthetists said “Last chance or she is going under.” And bam they got it in and had me laying down and cut open. I honestly didn’t even realise they had started or that it was so urgent. The girls were pulled out in what felt like only a few minutes. Neither cried and both were whisked away. That is when I started to get worried, because I realised that it had happened so fast and I was not able to see the babies. No one was really saying anything.

Finally after a long eternity Baby B (Layla) was brought over to me and she was divine. So divine. I got really worried about Halen as she was first out and there were lots of Medical Professionals around her crib. Eventually she was brought over to me and they explained how scary the situation could have been. They said she was in a really challenging position to pull out as well, so even once they got in there they had a hard time getting her out.  She was apparently very pale but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Finally they brought her to see me and she was absolutely divine too. Both girls were sleeping soundly and just beautiful.

My surgery was finally finished and we were wheeled into recovery. Everything was going really well and Halen even woke up to nurse. One of the nurses was concerned that maybe Halen should go to the NICU just incase there were any problems from her birth. So she was whisked away and it was actually really hard to let her go. Instinctively I was devastated to not be holding them both.

All is well that ends well though and after three days Halen was finally allowed to stay with us in our room. We ended up in Hospital for 7 days, as the girls were tiny tiny tiny and nursing was very challenging. I was determined and I was eventually able to nurse them successfully.  It was a crazy undertaking, but that is a huge story in itself.

So that is my crazy Birth Story for the Twins! I still can’t believe I have twins at times, never ever dreamed I would have twin girls. They are truly a blessing!

Have you got any relative or friends who are twins? Or are you a twin yourself? I am constantly meeting people who are connected to twins and hearing their little story. It drives my husband crazy, but I actually enjoy it.

Jess xoxox

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Pregnancy and Birth Stories Twin Edition Part I

Me and Mum weddingHello!

Happy Wednesday! When I was working making it to Wednesday was a huge achievement, hump day had arrived and the count down to the weekend was on. I used to hate that I counted down my days but I could never break the habit. So glad that is not my life these days.

These days life is so different. Becoming a Mum is obviously a huge life changer! So I thought I’d share with you the birth stories that brought these amazing beings out of my belly and into this world. Summer’s Birth story is hard to tell without telling the twins, so I’ll start from the beginning. (Heads up if you have no interest in them check out now, will never know or be offended! Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea!)

Pregnancy with my eldest girls was wild and there was no mistaking it. I had morning sickness on the next level, it was more like around the clock sickness and at times it was brutal and even embarrassing.  Like the time I was driving my friend home and needed to be sick. I couldn’t exit the freeway fast enough and threw up all over myself. It was lovely!

I also had crazy food cravings.  There was three days where all I wanted to eat was really strong sharp cheddar cheese and pickles. I ate a LOT of cheese and pickles. I also went through an avocado obsession and a strawberry yoghurt obsession. The weirdest was an extreme salt craving in the second trimester, where I just wanted to eat salt by itself. I don’t usually even put salt on my food!

I got pregnant whilst I was living in San Diego on a sort of working/holiday/ hang out trip. It was a surprise. A pleasant one none the less as I adore my kids. However, I did not have Health Insurance or at least nothing that covered pregnancy. I am actually a US citizen (and an Australian citizen) so initially I went through Medicaid (their free health coverage for pregnant women) to confirm my pregnancy and seek basic prenatal care, until I decided what I was doing.

The Doctor I saw was horrific, I don’t want to go into all the details, but he did some highly inappropriate and creepy things. I was naive and didn’t know any better. He did however give me two ultrasounds and both times reassured me I was having a singleton pregnancy. To be honest I was not at all suspecting any more than one. And not discovering two bubs was probably the lesser of my complaints about him.

My (now) Husband and I decided to get married and I received excellent Health Insurance through him. My Mum came over for our wedding and happened to be in town for my first appointment under the new insurance. I was well into the second trimester and she came along with me to my first prenatal check.

We were running extraordinarily late as we got really lost. I was really stressed when we arrived as I had been so sick and really wanted to have a check up, so I was worried that we wouldn’t be seen. They saw me anyway and made me take various tests to “prove pregnancy”. I remember saying to the nurse “I am definitely pregnant!” And she didn’t find it funny, she turned seriously to me and said I was not seeing a midwife or doctor until they had proof! Apparently my bulging belly wasn’t enough.

Finally after filling out a bunch of forms they let me through to a midwife for an exam. She did various tests and then started to do an ultrasound. Woah. Strangest moment of my life so far. My Mum casually said “Is that another arm moving next to the baby?” I laughed it off, seriously didn’t even think there was any possibility of another baby. The midwife got VERY excited. My Mum was excitedly watching the screen. I thought they had gone completely nuts. In all seriousness my mind completely rejected the possibility that there could be twins. The same nurse who had questioned whether my pregnancy was even real, said “Yep you are REALLY pregnant!!”

A Specialist was called into the room and she also seemed highly suspect that there was genuinely two babies and genuinely annoyed to have her time wasted. She was very serious and firm and clearly and told me it looked like they were in fact right, it was twins. She was not one to joke, so I was floored. My Mum got extremely excited and started laughing. I started crying. Honestly it was lucky I was lying down. The stream of emotions was unreal and overwhelming. I can’t explain what I felt because it was a bit of everything from excitement and happiness, to sheer terror and fear.

The Specialist thought the girls were sharing an amniotic sac, which is very dangerous as they can easily become tangled in each others cords. She bluntly told me if that was the case I’d be lucky to actually have them. (Really comforting words at that time). She searched for a really long time before she finally said she thought she found two sacs. They were, however, sharing a placenta and were identical.

We walked out floored. Life changing moment!

To be continued…

Have you had any crazy life changing moments?

Jess xoxox


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