December Goals

Christmas #27







I can’t believe December is already here. Seriously this year has flown. It has been a pretty amazing year.  Since it is the weekend, but I was in the mood for posting, I thought I’d keep it light. So here is a little poem I whipped up.


If I were to set some goals,

I would hope to cut loose and let go of the controls.

I would hope to get through this month,

Without a trip to the ER or a hiccup or a punch.

I would hope to create great memories for my mind, 

And remind myself to be humble and kind.

I would finish filling my trolley up with gifts,

And have fun and laugh at all the things on my to do list.

I would remember to sit back, stop and enjoy the moments,

And not to worry about all the small details and components.

I would spend more time at the beach with my kids and my fam,

And less time in front of the screen or on the phone like a ham.

I would sleep more and laugh more and appreciate what I’ve got,

Because at the end of the day I love what I’ve got and I’ve got a whole lot!


What is your favourite Christmas family tradition?

Jess xoxox

PS Don’t worry I am not quitting my day job! :)





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White Ribbon Day

Reaching outHello,

How are you all doing this week? I know I have been posting about less than upbeat topics lately, and I promise some more fun will come back to the ol blog, but this issue is really important and I had to post about.

In Australia, today, November 25th is White Ribbon Day.  It is a day to raise awareness and get men involved in stopping violence against women. Men are encouraged to swear against participating in or tolerating violence towards women.

Violence against women is a real thing and a really common thing. It transcends all socioeconomic backgrounds, it affects women from all walks of life. In Australia, one woman a week is killed by her partner through a domestic violence situation. One in three women have been involved in an abusive relationship at some stage during their lives.

When people think domestic violence they usually think of the physical abuse, which certainly is violence. But it isn’t isolated to that and it doesn’t necessarily start or stop there. Domestic violence can include economic, social, spiritual and emotional abuse.

Domestic violence is generally about power and control. Within many family cultures the attitude that women are lesser than men in certain ways is entrenched.

What can you do about it?

If you see it or hear it happening, intervene, say something and don’t put up with it. (Obviously don’t put yourself at risk, call 000 if necessary).

Jokes, flippant remarks and negative comments are no joke. And reconfirm sexist attitudes that help justify abusive behaviour towards women. Tell the person making them it is unacceptable.

Treat women and men equally and with respect.

If you know someone in an abusive relationship, highlight your concerns and be there to listen and help if they want it. Sometimes women don’t even realise how bad the situation is when they are immersed in it.

If you think you may be in an abusive relationship seek help immediately.

Thank you for reading today, change is possible and necessary.

Jess xoxox

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Pre Schooler Gift Guide

St. Anthony's preschool Easter program last nightHello!

Christmas is coming! So exciting! But it can also get quite stressful quickly. And it can be really hard to know what to buy kids especially if you don’t have kids that age. I know when buying for my older nephew I never have a clue. So I thought I’d put together a little gift guide for anyone buying for a preschooler. These are all fairly gender neutral gifts! They are all Amazon Affiliate links so any purchases you made through my links would provide me with a tiny percentage of the purchase price, it doesn’t increase your costs and it all just goes to upkeep costs of the site.

Percussion Bag click here

All kids have a natural sense of rhythm and have fun playing around with it. Music is so wonderful for kids for so so so many reasons. I could dedicate an entire blog to the benefits. Percussion is fun and music (and presents) should be fun!




Dinosaur Figurines from Schleich for T Rex click here

Everyone loves Dinosaurs. Or are at least fascinated by them to some extent right? Preschool age is also the time when kids are starting to play independently or with each other quite well. They are able to set up little imaginary worlds and love figurines. Schliech figurines are more expensive then your average but are beautifully made and outstanding quality. They will last. Figurines are also something that your child will likely continue to play with as they get bigger and they are usually fairly small, so easy to store.

T rex




Bugopedia answer some of those ‘whys’ click here

If you haven’t heard ‘why’ at least 300 times today then you haven’t been hanging out with a preschooler. National Geographic does some awesome kids books. We have quite a few, the current favourite is all about sharks. Bugs though are one of those things that lots of people don’t know a lot about, but definitely spark the curiousity of kids. They are not so cute or cuddly, but they all play important and unique roles.










Real Princesses click here

Okay so I have not specifically read this book, although I am planning on buying it for my kids this Christmas. Amazon recommends it for slightly older kids, however, there is no reason your preschooler would not enjoy a book for older children if you are there to guide them through it. My in laws are pretty into Disney Princesses and have passed this interest easily along to my girls. I am okay with it in moderation, however, generally I wish that there were stronger female role models in the stories. I figured though since they are so interested in Princesses maybe I could use it as an opportunity to delve into History and educate them a little about Real Princesses. How far this book goes, I am not entirely sure yet, but it looks like it could be a good launch pad.

real princesses









Paint your own bird house, combining nature and creativity, click here

My kids love love love craft. It is so good for encouraging their creativity and improving their fine motor skills. And they love the outdoors. I once read that people by nature are biophilic, they naturally enjoy and feel calmer outdoors. I like that thought. Painting your own bird house combines the two nicely. You could even pair it with a birders guide book and a little pair of binoculars.

bird house









Dress ups click here

Imaginative play is so important and fun at the Preschool age. They love it! And they are definitely not too cool to get right into it and role play. I love to watch where their imagination runs too!

dress ups








What is on your wish list this year?

Jess xoxox

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