4 Tips to Have Fun and Spend Less this Spring School Holidays

Riding the Vacation WaveHello!

How are you? School Holidays are in full swing over here! We are into the second week. I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I love having my kids home (I know some of you may sigh at that but I really do enjoy having them with me)! I hate how busy and expensive everything is! And it kind of makes me sad because this is their last year before starting school. So I am realising next year the only full days I will get with them will be weekends and holidays. It doesn’t feel like enough time. I will miss them.

Ahhhh enough of my parental rambling. If you are dealing with kids on school holidays then you will need me to be quick about it with this post. So let’s get into it! These are my 4 tips to have fun and spend less this spring school holidays.

  1. Embrace the free stuff! Check out this post of mine for more details. There is so much you can do that doesn’t cost a thing – beach, parks, bush walks and many free events! Take advantage! The weather should be a little kinder to you than during winter, which helps with outdoor stuff (although week 1 poured here sigh).
  2. Be prepared! If you are like me and you hate routine and like spontaneity then this one will feel like a pain so prepare as much as you want/ or don’t. However, it really does save money to pack water bottles, food, sunscreen, hats and whatever else you might need for the day. I like to pack snacks and buy lunch or buy snacks and pack lunch. Still room for spontaneity and saving!
  3. Prioritise! This sort of rolls on from the previous post. If you know you are going to probably buy expensive ice cream cones when you go to the beach then pack your lunch.  Also figure out what is important to your kids and do those things first. It is important to have a mix of activities and down time during the break. You probably can’t do everything your kids are asking you to do both time and money wise. I like to ask both the twins to give me 2 activities they really want to do over the holidays and then we make sure we find time. Usually they give me a list of 5 things each so if we get time/ have money/ weather is good/ the stars aline we do more. However, 2 each is achievable 5 is probably not!
  4. Buy annual passes! If your kids love the Zoo, or the Aquarium, or the Museum or Luna Park then look into annual passes. It will cut your costs way down. If you buy a different annual pass each holiday then you will have 4 activities you can do throughout the year without worrying about paying above the annual fee.

At the end of the day whatever you do go into it with a positive attitude and your kids will follow your lead (eventually one day maybe…)! Enjoy your experiences and create fun memories. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you can even use it as a learning opportunity and discuss with your kids that cost is an issue that needs to be factored in, budgeted for and considered.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe holiday and for those not on holidays or without kids are enjoying the hopefully reduced traffic!

Jess xoxox

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Why I like Nutrimetics and Competition Time!

1. ...and wash your faceHello!

*This post contains some affiliate links thank you for your support. I will receive commission from any of the purchases made however it will not affect the price you pay.

How are you all doing? I thought today I would talk about Nutrimetics, it is a brand that I enjoy and will have affiliate links to occasionally on my blog.  I wanted to tell you why I like it so you know a bit of the background. To check out my Nutrimetics shop page visit here.

I started using Nutrimetics regularly around 2 years ago. My sister introduced me to it and I honestly I didn’t have any expectations. I have had so many struggles with my skin. It is sensitive and acne prone. Probably any woman who has suffered with chronic acne has tried a bazillion different skin products with no luck. I was definitely in a place where I didn’t feel optimistic anymore when I tried a new product.

And then a funny thing happened. Nutrimetics, along with dietary changes,  actually worked for my skin. Once I started consistently using it I found more and more products I liked and could actually use without my skin breaking out! Amazing!

I looked into the company further and found more I liked about it, including:

  • They don’t test on animals.
  • They are free from animal derived ingredients.
  • They are also aware of the issues surrounding palm oil, which I previously blogged about here. It is something that really concerns me as it has been linked to destruction of rainforests and habitat loss for many endangered species including the orangutan. Nutrimetics uses raw materials derived from Palm Oil only produced by companies that are members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil. In other words they are not further destructing sensitive environments to obtain Palm Oil they are obtaining Palm Oil from farms using sustainable methods.
  • Nutrimetics also doesn’t use microbeads which have been found to be horrific for the environment, ending up in waterways and traveling up the food chain. For more information check out this previous post.

For me those are huge ticks.  I am confident that as we become increasingly aware of our environmental impact Nutrimetics will be closely watching and ensuring their products maintain their standard. They care and will continue to care.

The other thing I like is that they are always giving away free gifts and generally they are products I wouldn’t buy myself. I often put them away as in case I run out of the products I do regularly use or for gifts. Every time I open one of the products that I put away I am pleasantly surprised and have found a few favourites that way.

So to celebrate the opening of my online Nutritmetics shop I am doing a giveaway to one lucky reader. It is a mystery gift pack valued at approximately Australian $100. To enter please fill in the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are you favourite brands and why? (It doesn’t have to be limited to beauty products.)

Jess xoxox

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Review Fitness Blender 32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

Potomac River Running FeetHello!

How are you all going? Last week I had a quick 30 minutes to fit in a workout whilst Summer slept and I waited for pick up time for the twins from Kindy. So I looked on YouTube and found a Fitness Blender 32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment here.

It started with a minimal warm up, which is typical of short workouts. So make sure you are nice and warm or take extra time to warm up before hand especially if you have an injury.

The workout was mostly all cardio with a few strength training exercises using body weight. It was a fast pace, higher impact workout. It was challenging but not crazy and there were plenty of breaks for water or to give your heart rate a chance to drop a little. There really weren’t many options for lowering the impact or making it easier. You could step it up a little by running in between rounds. If you check it out and find it not to be suitable for you I would probably just scratch it off and look for a different one rather than trying to modify throughout. Luckily Fitness Blender has a LOT of workouts with all different time limits, levels and formats on YouTube.

The workout didn’t get boring. It had different rounds and exercises were repeated,however, as it was only 30 minutes you moved quickly through the rounds. I think it would get a little boring if you were to do the same workout daily though.

Overall though if you are looking for a quick, challenging cardio session you can squeeze in at home it is worth a shot!

Do you like cardio workouts? What is your favourite way to get in cardio exercise? I have to admit walking is my favourite but I do like to push my heart rate up with dancing, running and workout videos. If I could make it to the gym I would love to get back into classes especially spin!

Jess xoxox

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