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How are you all? It is Friday here and I thought I’d do a nice little gratitude post about where I live. Don’t worry I won’t fill it with tons of sappy words.

Spring Beach day

I just decided while I was away I need to appreciate how beautiful it truly is where I live and soak it in more. It is so easy to take our surroundings for granted.


I decided to start by taking some pictures of some of the beauty. And then I didn’t know what to do with the pics, so naturally I decided to share them here. I don’t know if I will regularly do this, but I will see it how it goes. Maybe I’ll love doing it so much I’ll even start a link up or an instagram hashtag so I can see the beauty where you all live!


Do you have a favourite place, spot or location in the city or town you live in? Or another city or town?

Happy Friday!

Jess xoxox


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Can where you live influence how much you weigh?

GeorgeTown Houses By The C&O Canal - Washington DCHello!

How are you? I hope your week is coming along nicely!

I have been wearing a pedometer lately and I continued to wear it whilst we were away to see how much general activity I was getting. And also in an attempt to motivate me to keep at it! The difference in steps on a rest day here versus there, where all activity was incidental, was profound. I do more than twice as many steps here then I do on a normal day there.

It got me thinking about what makes me incidentally walk, what I like about where I live and don’t like, what I liked about where I was and didn’t like, and things that I generally look when I am moving.

In my twenties I moved several times, (probably several times more than I would have liked to). I had a string of bad luck with housing when I lived in Brisbane and moved 5 times in two years, luckily I could fit everything into my car and I had moving down to an art. Since I have changed locations a bit I have come to learn what I really appreciate in an area.

  • Water views is obviously top of the list (Ha!), well top of my dream list. However, that said living close to a beautiful spot like a beach or river can make a positive difference. Not only is it good for your mental health to look out on a beautiful world, but hopefully it also provides a lovely location to walk to and along if you are inspired enough to get moving. I am far more likely to motivate myself to get outside and stroll along a beach than I am next to a main road.



  • Being within walking distance to amenities. Now we all have different ideas about “walking distance” and mine is probably a greater distance than most since I really enjoy being on foot. However, living within 2-3km or a mile to shops, schools and restaurants will not only be a positive selling point for your real estate. It will also help get you moving. I love to go for a big walk, drop the girls to school, take Summer to the park, stop by the cafe, pick up some groceries for dinner and stroll home! And incidentally I have managed to keep myself moving quite a bit!


  • Footpaths / sidewalks are important! My In Laws live in an area where side walks are remarkably sparse. It makes you reconsider walking if you are worried about being on the road or on someone’s lawn. Especially if you have a stroller or something else to push and/or little kids in tow.

Walking the Plank_MG_9613

  • Set your house up in a way that makes you move and keep it clean. Our place in Sydney has loads of stairs and I have reason to walk from different ends of the house all the time. I am also cleaning more frequently than when I am a guest at my In Laws home. I hang out all the washing here in Australia (most Australians hang the majority of their clothes). Whereas, my In laws in the US don’t even have a line to hang clothes! Small things add up!


  • Avoid living near strip malls, unless when you go to the store you have the self control to walk between stores and not get back into your car until you are ready to drive home. I don’t know if this will make sense to most Australians, since generally we set our malls up so that you park once, get out and don’t get back in until you are ready to leave. In Southern California (and I am sure many other parts of the States) they have strip malls, which are literally designed for you to drive to a particular store and get back into your car and drive to the next one. Parking is generally far more plentiful there than here so it is not a pain to look for parking, it is extremely convenient and easy.

I know that certainly here in Sydney Real Estate is outta control expensive and we frequently do not have the luxury to have everything we want when we are moving. However, if you do have the luxury or you happen to stumble upon a house that invites you to walk then celebrate! It really makes a huge difference!

What are your dream house list?

Jess xoxox

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Life Lately! First Day of School!

H and L first day of school

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was full of R n R, including some time at the beach given the warm weather we enjoyed. The girls were exhausted because on Friday they had their First Big Day at School! Real School!

They were very nervous and anxious (as evident in the photos). Funnily enough their biggest anxiety was over having to wear shoes and socks. Sigh, the downside of uniforms and conforming.

They had to be gently pulled away from my legs, however, I knew they would be okay. They have never loved separation (nor have I) but they always do enjoy themselves when they are in a fun, learning environment. Their teacher seems like a sweetheart and an awesome Kindergarten teacher! I am confident they will enjoy the year!

Everyone asked me how I was feeling about it all. And surprisingly I was less emotional than I thought I may be. In part it was because they were so nervous I had to remain completely calm and maintain my poker face (thankfully one of my skills). For that reason I didn’t really even have time to process my emotions whilst it was all happening. Also I really had thought it through and worked through my concerns and emotions about the big change in the months before. I feel confident they are ready (well as ready as you can be) and so I am excited for them to go. I will miss them and it is always bittersweet to watch them face such a huge milestone. However, I have been realising it was coming for a long time and so the big day was just exciting!

In the circle of life type moment they are actually going to the same school I went to and their classroom is the same room I had in year 2. Gratefully year 2 was one of my most fondly remembered years and the room was remarkably similar to the way it was set up when I was a kid. The school has grown and changed a lot, with lots of new buildings so I guess it is quite nice for them to land there. I hope they love school a lot more than I did and enjoy their time there more than me! I never anticipated that I would end up sending my kids to my old Primary school but I guess there is something special about it! Also happens to be the same school my Dad went to, so there you go 3 generations!

Do you remember your first day of school? What did you find the hardest to adjust to at school? What did you love?

Jess xoxo

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